Export Daily-used Porcelain

Beiliu Ceramics gathers the essence of both the traditional Chinese porcelain techniques and porcelain cultures from various countries. The main products are: Daily-use porcelain ware, Chinese style dinner set, western style dinner set, coffee set, tea set, arts and supper fine white porcelain, etc.

With novel design, exquisite workmanship, elegant quality, satisfactory variety, reasonable price and punctual delivery, Beiliu porcelain has been winning favorable markets and a high reputation around the world, bringing great enjoyment to the life of many people

Guests at home and abroad are cordially welcomed to visit Beiliu for a discussion of mutual beneficial business cooperation.

Ceramics Zone, Beiliu,
Phone:  +86-775-3830629
Fax:  86-775-3823990
Email:  info@beiliu-ceramics.com
Web site:  www.beiliu-ceramics.com
Contact:  Tony Chen

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